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Keep your hands smooth and radiant

by timetospa January 21, 2014
Keep your hands smooth and radiant

Getting through the doldrums of the winter is tough enough without also losing the softness in your hands. In the spirit of cleanliness, you probably wash your hands several times during the day, and it seems like when the days get colder, you're likely more inclined to stave off infection than ever before. Oftentimes, your cleansing rituals become a little more exuberant in an effort to fend off seasonal colds, but the constant running water and subsequent air drying can take a toll on your hands.

Rather than adjusting your habits entirely, try to be a little more conscious of how often you're washing. Sometimes, individuals can get caught up in the moment and forget that they've already gotten ready for dinner or think that they need to be a little extra clean for the next task at hand, but the reality is, infectious bacteria and germs are no more contagious in the winter than they are during any of the other seasons. You're just cooped up with each other more often indoors, on trains and in public buildings, allowing the spread of illness to occur faster. 

If you're unable to adjust, don't fret - there's still an option. Increase your dosage of hydrating hand creams. The Elemis Pro-Radiance Hand & Nail Cream, for instance, will give your skin the boost it needs to make it through the winter. 


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