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Dark circles bumming you out?

by timetospa January 23, 2014
Dark circles bumming you out?

Sometimes, all you really need is a little extra brightness where it matters. Your eyes, especially, tend to reflect the skin around them. Most people strive to make eye contact when they speak to you after all, and although you might try to cover up dark circles with concealers, there's no way around it - the appearance of under eye bags is skin deep - literally. 

Although there are several potential environmental factors, such as dehydration or a lack of sleep, a primary reason the skin around your eyes might develop a droopy or saggy appearance is heredity. Your genetic code is hardwired to develop those dark circles, and although it's more or less a natural form of your aging process, there are certainly things you can do to correct the situation. 

For starters, try increasing the amount of water that you're drinking. Even if it's more heredity than anything causing your dark circles, a little extra internal hydration can make all the difference. Additionally, add an eye cream to your skincare regimen. Beauty products such as Laboratoire Remède Wrinkle Therapy Eye Baume, used day and night, will help provide your under eye with collagen-boosting nutrients.


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