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Hydrate frizz to keep it in check

by timetospa January 24, 2014
Hydrate frizz to keep it in check

The visibility of your hair makes it subject to scrutiny wherever you go. Whether hidden under a hat or bound up with an elastic, everyone you see on the street will take notice because that's just what curious people do. Although there's no harm in letting your curly locks fly free, for occasions that call for a more subdued look, you should consider taming them.

Products for the frizzy inclined
Finding the right beauty products to do the job is the first step. Just like skin type, everyone has a different relationship with their hair. As you've spent the most time with it, you'll know right away how to direct stylists before they start snip-snipping, you'll have a go-to method for shampooing and you'll likely have a preferred way to sleep on it at night. All of this is in an effort to ensure that the work you have to do is minimal before you leave the house. As such, it's important to really nail down what works and what doesn't. 

For instance, if you have really long, thick curls, you might have also noticed that your hair tends to need more hydration than your friend's, whose strands are straight and thin. There are a variety of elements that impact the amount of natural oils your hair produces, but individuals with locks that are on the coarser end of the spectrum, a product high in oils are typically better suited for long-term results. The Steiner Shine Drops Hair Serum 50ml, for instance, will help naturally diminish the appearance of frizz and flyaways while also providing a healthy looking shine that doesn't feel greasy. 

Approach frizz with moisture
In the spirit of soothing tightly wound curls, try giving your hair what it wants - more nutrition. Especially if you fall into the thick or coarse category, the natural oils produced by your scalp have a harder time reaching the tips, effectively cutting it off from the hydration it needs to stay silky and smooth. As a result, the cuticle - the membranous coating that surrounds the hair shaft - begins to lift. If any of this sounds familiar, make hydration a bigger part of your hair care regimen. Try the Steiner Kink Control Anti-Frizz Cream 150ml to really suffuse your locks with moisture where it matters most. 


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