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Soothe the senses: Optimize relaxation with these tips

by timetospa January 27, 2014
Soothe the senses: Optimize relaxation with these tips

When the goal is to relax, don't discount a single step of your good vibe routine. From the moment you decide it's time to treat yourself, let the joy in immediately by turning off your computer screen. Step away from the keyboard, don't flip on the TV and avoid any prolonged contact with your cell phone. These digital conveniences beam light into your eyes that is reminiscent of the sun's, making it all the more challenging to tell your mind it's time to drift toward peace.

As soon as your electronics are gone, consider lighting a few candles. The gentle glow of firelight is capable of soothing your tensions simply because it's an inconstant source of illumination. Your mind can't focus on it the same way it can a computer screen or a light bulb.

With the candle lit and a bubble bath drawn, let yourself unwind with a stick of incense, housed in the Mandara Spa Wooden Boat Incense Holder, and throw in one of your favorite easy listening CDs for a sensational getaway right from the comfort of your own home. Truly, as long as most of your senses are taken care of in the same way, you'll start to feel the stress lift in no time. 


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