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Nail trends for the new year

by timetospa January 27, 2014
Nail trends for the new year

Autumn 2013 saw nails that stood out. Women everywhere had an array of colors lacquered on their nails, ranging in hue from startling blues to chic earth tones, and - to top it all off - accent jewels glittered on each manicured hand in a bevy of styles and shapes. As the fall breeze became the winter snowfall, red made a comeback. The tone was strong, bold and deep, reminiscent of flushed lips and the soft petals of a rose. Now, the in-style shades are a mixed bag of darks and lights, with very little in between.

Harper's Bazaar reported that deep, dark colors are en vogue once more, allowing women to play with the depths of their imaginations as they polish on their manicures. Anything from the CND Vinylux - Darks would suffice for this look, as the style is trending to be a basic coat - the thicker the better. 

The other side of this nail spectrum is the enhanced, lifted nail bed. This goes one step beyond nude, ladies - it isn't enough to have just the CND Vinylux - Neutrals. To achieve this look, select a nude that matches your skin tone and then add an accent to each, such as a stripe or a French tip, in another nude. The slightly offset color complement will give a flesh-toned illusion that's sure to earn you a double take. 


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