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Treat your feet to a day at the spa

by timetospa January 28, 2014
Treat your feet to a day at the spa

The entire day can be a drag if your feet hurt. Whether you're walking from the bus to the office or just stepping out to grab a bite, if you're experiencing pain with every footfall, the whole process can seem like a struggle. Although the cause of this could range from muscle cramps to something deeper, there are little ways you can diminish the ache at home. 

For instance, after a long day of standing at work, while you're kicking back for an evening in front of the TV, make sure you're spending some time helping your feet unwind, too. The CND Marie Cooling Masque is exactly what it sounds like - a mask for the part of your body that helps you stay mobile. Massage the gel into each foot with slow, firm circles and let it sit for as long as you'd like. Then, after the cooling sensation has had a chance to work, rinse it off with a nice, warm bath. 

If you're a fan of heels, make sure you're remembering your feet next time you treat yourself to a spa day. The same footwear that makes you trendy can also cause serious long-term damage, so be kind to your tootsies. 


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