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Spring means smoky eyes and sun-kissed cheeks

by timetospa January 29, 2014
Spring means smoky eyes and sun-kissed cheeks

With the snow melting and Valentine's Day right around the corner, the turn of the seasons could be just the excuse you need to freshen up your makeup style. To begin this transformation, spend some time thinking about the colors of the upcoming season. Spring typically brings with it a wash of pastels and fabrics full of florals, and to keep up with this time-honored tradition, consider the following trends that are blooming for 2014:

Sleek smoky eyes
Bright highlights and a flirtatious cat eye are taking center stage in magazines all across the country. Gone are the thick, deep blacks and shadows that stretch from your lash line to the brow bone. Instead, a more genteel, subtle impression of gray pigments and dark liners are blending together to create the perfect combination of these simple go-to looks. Start by tightlining with a highly pigmented pencil, such as the Colorescience Mineral Eye Pencil - Black

Once the lashes have been highlighted, start the cat eye with a little flick in the outer corners. Before stretching the line across the lid, brush on a hint of silver or gray shadow with the Colorescience Mineral Eye Shadow Palette - Seductive Smoke near the lashes. Then draw the rest of the cat eye over the shadow in a thin, bold line. Select another shadow from the same palette and complete the look by smudging it across the silver, careful to keep the pigment close to the lashes. The goal is to highlight your irises with a little playfulness, so strive to blend everything evenly. Add a little mascara and you're all set! 

To transform this style from chic to seductive, line the bottom lid with a complementary color that offsets the second shadow you selected, and smooth on a pale red lipstick. 

Keep your contours tame
Heavily contoured cheeks are also fading with the winter. This period between snow and sun is perfect for toning down the blush and bronzer for a much more natural complexion. The goal is to add just a touch of depth to your foundation, not to highlight your cheekbones. Rather than starting at the apples of your cheeks, use a bronzer, such as the California Sun Glow And Brush, to highlight the sun zones. For most people, these areas of the face are usually where sunburns occur, such as the tip of the nose, the peak of the cheekbones and right across the forehead. 


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