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Correct your sleeping patterns for better skin

by timetospa February 18, 2014
Correct your sleeping patterns for better skin

Although something as simple and instinctive as sleeping comes naturally to most, your puffy eyes and drawn face in the morning might be directly related to your pillow. Consider the position you're in when you first lie down on your back. Your head is a mere inches from the mattress, resting atop a fluffy, rectangle-shaped apparatus that probably contains some kind of cotton blend or foam material to give it cushion. When you wake up, however, it's rare that you're in the same position.

Whether you're on your stomach, flopped over the side of your pillow with your face touching the fabric, or somehow facing the opposite end of the bed with no headrest at all, the way you sleep is partially to blame for your puffy eyes and breakouts. Think of your blood vessels as miniature sieves, collecting liquids that are directed by gravity. While you're sleeping, the capillaries are taking on more blood than usual, which can result in inflammation. Additionally, unless you wash your pillowcases every night, trace amounts of bacteria build up are left behind every time you sleep, and when these touches your face, you're more likely to see a breakout. 

Fortunately, the Wrinkle Prevention Pillow - Memory Foam seeks to address all of these concerns by keeping your head and face comfortably in the same position all night long. Sleep easy knowing you're not subconsciously sabotaging your clear complexion. 


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