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The wonders of glycolic acid

by timetospa February 18, 2014
The wonders of glycolic acid

If you've spent a number of your days enjoying the beach, basking by the poolside and taking long walks under the summer sun, you're probably already familiar with all of the warnings about too much of a good thing. Even men and women who diligently wear products that contain a high SPF are susceptible to the negative effects of UVA/UVB rays, but who can deny the wonderful feeling that comes from absorbing natural vitamin D? 

Whatever your answer to that question might be, the facts are still the same - sun-damaged skin is unappealing and difficult to treat as well. However, certain ingredients, such as glycolic acid, can help reinvigorate your skin cells, promoting natural cell regeneration and restoring some of the hydration you've lost from overexposure. 

The benefits of this ingredient are not restricted to limiting sun damage. Blemishes, such as acne scars or the early signs of aging, can fade with repeat applications of beauty products that contain glycolic acid. The Intaglio Glycolic Resurfacing Gel 15%, for example, uses the active ingredient to create a fast-acting solution for your blemishes, scars and sun-damaged skin. Make sure you're listening to your body, however - if you start to notice patches of dryness of a tightening sensation, reduce your applications accordingly.


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