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Tips for bold eyes: Part 1

by timetospa February 20, 2014
Tips for bold eyes: Part 1

When you're in a hurry, the idea of putting together an elaborate eye look can seem too daunting a task. Women often forego makeup altogether, snubbing it for the sake of timeliness. There are a few tricks you can do, however, that only require two beauty products: a highly pigmented eyeliner and a longwear mascara. 

Go bold with deep lines
The standard top-lid liner and mascara look is tried and true, but it can get old fast. Spice it up a little with thicker lines. Using a black eyeliner, such as the Colorescience Mineral Eye Pencil - Black, apply the familiar look as usual, outlining the top lid close to the lashes. Then, make it thicker by half, focusing more on the outside corner. Go for one more line on top and then finish it off with two coats of mascara for a dramatic look. 

Extend the cat eye
Use the same strategy for the previous look, but this time, instead of finishing it with a thicker line on the top lid, draw a line that follows the curve of your lower lid halfway to your brow line. Then, angle the eyeliner toward the top of the lid and connect the cat eye to the center, filling in the gaps. For a bolder version, pull the line out farther. 


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