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The basics of stress relief: Part 1

by timetospa February 26, 2014
The basics of stress relief: Part 1

The stress of the day can weigh on even the most well-rested person. If you're feeling particularly worn down, it can have long-lasting effects on your appearance, your overall demeanor and your ability to sleep at night. Unless you're willing to spend your days groggy and stressed out, it's time to put more of an emphasis on your well-being. 

Back to basics
There are no real secrets to stress relief. If you can close your eyes and immediately concentrate on the thoughts that are bugging you, then determining how to keep them from creeping up on you might just require a little relaxation. Set aside some time to pamper yourself. After a long day at work, for instance, instead of jumping right into the chores that are piling up or the tasks that might have followed you home from the office, build time into your schedule for a long, luxurious bath. 

As the warm water is filling the basin, drop in a few spoon fulls of Mandara Spa Tropical Blooms Honey Bath to escape to a tranquil place in your mind, inspired by the fragrant jasmine and ylang ylang infused within the formula. As you lie back for a rejuvenating soak, let the worries of your day wash away.


Well-Being Tips