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A new take on nail art

by timetospa February 28, 2014
A new take on nail art

Nail art has gone through several permutations in the past few years, transforming from a wash of color to a dizzying array of bright color patterns. According to Glamour, it's about to get another makeover. Instead of elaborate designs that focus on the abstract, you're more likely to see a more elegant, precise rendition of popular typefaces and elegant French manicures, when just the tips of your nails receiving paint. 

This trend isn't all monochrome and block lettering, however. You'll also see a variety of base nail polish colors beneath innovative designs, such as celestial silhouettes and other popular symbols, like the ampersand and the "at sign." How are these intricate and detailed designs achieved? The answer is simple - a very steady hand and a love of fonts. 

If you aren't inclined to spend that much time perfecting finger nail lettering, don't fret - another facet of this trend is elegance. A basic French tip manicure, done in classic nude and white or mixed up with a range of bright colors, has returned to center stage. Try to create your own version of this look with the CND Vinylux - Darks


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