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Get the facts on oils

by timetospa March 2, 2014
Get the facts on oils

As far as skin care products go, nothing is more healing and beneficial to mature skin than a natural oil. While this solution is often stigmatized because of its consistency and application process, these products are entirely chemical-free and are taken directly from their botanical origins. Consider the facts below if you're still skeptical about using an oil instead of a moisturizer:

  1. Fact: Oils fight oil. Although some moisturizers are formulated to treat naturally oily skin, the truth of the matter is that nothing fights this concern better than one of these skin care products. Your skin is familiar enough with this organic material to know how to absorb it quickly, unlike some moisturizers that sit on the surface. Because it will drink in these oils quickly, your body will have less to do during the absorption process, making it a smooth experience. 
  2. Fact: Oils penetrate deeper and faster. Whether you're using a beauty oil with a targeted anti-aging property, such as Elemis Spa At Home Frangipani Monoi Body Oil or are creating your own with from extracts of argan or jojoba, there's just no denying how well your skin responds to this skin care phenomenon. If you're looking for a product that will moisturize and treat your body deep beneath the surface, give an oil a shot. 
  3. Fact: Oils work well with other moisturizers. Although not necessarily a serum, oils can be paired with your favorite skin care products to provide a double dose of benefits. If you have an anti-aging moisturizer, for instance, such as the Elemis Time Defence Wrinkle Delay / 15ml, try applying a drop or two of an oil first. Not only will it help send the moisturizer's benefits deeper into your skin, you'll have an opportunity to mix and match these products for their properties, not just their hydrating qualities. 
  4. Fact: Oils make excellent nighttime moisturizers. If you're still hesitant to wear an oil during the day, try applying it at night instead. When you're sleeping, your skin typically begins the process of cellular regeneration, and with an oil to help it along, your skin will have the additional support it needs to finish the job well. 


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