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Tips for removing your mascara

by timetospa March 4, 2014
Tips for removing your mascara

One of the draws of a good mascara is its staying power. Whether you're on your way to an important event or are just a fan of having that extra definition in your lashes throughout the day, the need to touch it up is probably the furthest thing from your mind. For many, that's a good thing - you want your lashes to stay flawless and defined for as long as possible.

However, when it's time to go to bed, removing makeup that isn't meant to be easily wiped away can be frustrating. Instead of letting that stop you from wearing mascara altogether, try following these tips for easy removal: 

Soak your lashes
With your eyes open or closed, hold warm water up to your lids for about ten seconds. Even if you're wearing a waterproof formula, the heat from the water will help loosen up its hold.

Use a gentle cleanser
There's no need to use your exfoliating face scrubs near your eyes. Try using something specifically formulated for eye makeup removal, such as the Bliss Lid + Lash Wash, to break up the formula completely.

Wipe it away
Once you've applied the cleanser, use more warm water to splash away the residue and then use a bath tissue or an old towel to dab whatever's leftover. 


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