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Bangs are back

by timetospa March 11, 2014
Bangs are back

If you've rocked bangs all your life, you might be ahead of the curve for this upcoming beauty trend. According to Marie Claire, forehead fringe is making a comeback, and no matter what kind of hair you have, be it thick, thin, wavy or straight, there are ways for you to get in on this look. 

Find a good hair stylist
While there's no such thing as a bad DIY project, in this case, you'll probably have better luck entrusting your bangs to a seasoned professional. Your face shape has a lot to do with the kind of cut you should have, and stylists have a lot of experience helping you make that decision. So, first thing's first - find someone who knows what they're doing and let them give you the cut. 

Take care of your fringe
Now that your hair is has taken on a new style, make sure you're prepared to handle things like frizz and waviness. Although you might have naturally straight locks, the sudden absence of that extra weight will take your hair some time to adjust to, and you should coax it along with a little training. To start, try using a dab of the Steiner Kink Control Anti-Frizz Cream 150ml to help keep your do in place. Then, feel free to use a weightless hair product with a light hold to help give it a shape to maintain. 


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