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Don't skip these important nail care steps

by timetospa March 18, 2014
Don't skip these important nail care steps

If you're focusing too much of your nail care routine on finding the right shades to paint them, you might be missing a few crucial steps in the process. Even if you have impeccable hand-washing habits and know how to properly moisturize, there's more to manicure maintenance than selecting the right polish. To set yourself down a better path, consider the following beauty tips for ensuring that your nails stay healthier longer:

Keep your cuticles in top shape
The health of your nails starts with the skin on which it rests. No amount of polish can cover up untrimmed cuticles, and if you want a healthy look that lasts, make sure you're doing everything you can to keep this part of your hand healthy. Not only this step help keep your nails at peak performance, it'll help cut down on the number of painful hangnails you develop throughout the week.

Buff and shine
Make sure you're routinely using the CND Koala Buffer to buff out any flaws on the surface of your nails. This step will help lengthen the amount of time your manicure lasts and ensure that a natural look, without polish, is shined to perfection. Make sure you aren't buffing too much, however -  over exuberance of this step can weaken the nail. 


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