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A look back at 2013 beauty trends

by timetospa March 19, 2014
A look back at 2013 beauty trends

Although 2014 is well under way and the fashion world has already begun showcasing new trends, keeping up with some of your favorite looks from the past can be a fun way to relive your fondest memories of a year gone by. According to Glamour Magazine, there are a few of the phases of beauty that are worth remembering from 2013: 

Wavy, retro locks
Called "beachy" by the source, this look, which featured a departure from the popular straight-laced style of 2012, highlighted natural-looking curls as opposed to straightened locks. How do you get this 'do? Try a little Steiner Twist and Turn Curling Cream 125ml to proudly show off your hair's wavy side.

Natural look
Although this one might never fade away completely, Glamour noted the makeup effect that doesn't look like you're wearing anything. With an artful combination of foundation, a touch of concealer, a nude-colored lip and minimal eye makeup, you can head to work as if you've just woken up flawless and perfect.

The bold brow
In 2013, the look that perhaps received more attention than any other is the big, proud eyebrow. This feature, which frames your eyes and provides your face with depth, was easy to accomplish. Simply use a brow powder, such as the Colorescience Brow Palette, to fill in, reshape and take your brows to the next level. 


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