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How will you dress up the color white?

by timetospa March 27, 2014
How will you dress up the color white?

As the fashion trends keep on pouring in this spring, the color white seems to be a recurring element. Although spring is usually a time for floral prints and lacy shirts, this simple solid is dominating the stores. From the dresses on the racks to the shoes on your feet, white is the color that's on everyone's mind. This means that you have a blank palette to play with to accent this twist on spring with color.

With white as the backdrop, there's no end to the color spectrum you can use on your makeup. With just a few beauty products, like the Colorescience Mineral Eye Shadow Palette - Seductive Smoke and a simple black mascara, you can add a little glam to your eyes to offset this season's hot trend. Pick your favorite shadow from the collection and sweep it across your top lid. With another color to accent it, add a few pops of color to the insider corners of your eyes, drawing the pigment across the crease. Top this look off with a few coats of mascara, and you're ready to rock your white clothes.


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