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Go short to beat the heat

by timetospa April 8, 2014
Go short to beat the heat

Long, well-manicured hair is a thing of beauty in the winter, but when the sun starts to make a comeback, a mane down the back of your neck might make you lean toward making a style change. According to Glamour, this season is the perfect time to experiment with a shorter cut. Although you might be fond of long tresses, giving something else a try is as easy as committing to the idea and going for it, full steam ahead.

A bob or a pixie cut?
Your hair can take on any number of looks, from a classic bob to a short pixie, and it's up to you to determine which would be best for your face shape. After you make a choice, maintenance is the next step. Fortunately, shorter looks are meant to be relatively carefree. Simply sprits a little Steiner Gloss Mist Shine Spray 100ml before you head out for the day and you're all set. 

How much hold do you need?
The amount of hairspray you use is entirely up to you. A pixie cut, for example, doesn't really need much in the way of hold, but a bob could use a little staying power. With the Steiner Stay Put Extra Firm Finishing Spray 200 ml, for example, you'll be able to weather harsh winds without difficulty. 


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