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Have your products expired?

by timetospa April 9, 2014
Have your products expired?

When you're in a hurry, the last thing on your mind is how old the beauty products that you're using are. However, you should get into the habit of keeping track of how long you've been using the same tube of mascara, bottle of moisturizer and exfoliating scrub. Although you might not recognize the signs right away, your beauty products have an expiration date. Using them past their prime isn't harmful, but you'll likely start noticing a few differences.

Is your mascara clumping?
For instance, if you notice that no matter how many coats of mascara you apply, you just can't escape the dreaded tarantula eye? This might be due to a product that's gone a little stale. A general rule of thumb for mascara suggests that you replace it every three or four months to make sure your formula is always functioning at peak performance. When in doubt, replace your Colorescience Pro Mascara - Black to make sure you're always using a product that works. 

How can you tell?
Knowing when products are about to go bad can be tricky, but most brands will let you know on the packaging - in subtle ways. Check for preservatives in the ingredients list. Some packages might even display when you've reached the expiration date. 


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