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A few basic truths of inflammation

by timetospa April 16, 2014
A few basic truths of inflammation

When redness and inflammation are your concerns, it's important to consider all of the facts before you dive into a new skin care solution. The foods you're eating and your exposure to the sunlight can all play a role, and while your irritated skin might get better with the right combination of beauty products, you should strive to adjust to the following basic routines for a healthier complexion:

Cut back on sugars
Excess sweets, such as candy and soft drinks, can exacerbate existing skin conditions by increasing the level of adrenaline pumping through your body. Too much of this chemical, which can be increased with sugar, can lead to inflammation, which inevitably allows bacteria to grow if left untreated. 

Block the sun's rays
You've probably heard that UVA/UVB exposure can age your skin faster, but did you know it can also dry it out? Excessive dryness causes your skin to produce its own oils, which can lead to a buildup of acne-causing bacteria and redness. 

Sometimes, what looks like a patch of blemishes is actually residual scar tissue from a previous flare-up. It can be tricky to cover these, so why not try to lighten the pigment instead? With beauty products that contain vitamin C, such as Laboratoire Remède Intensive Double Serum: Vitamin C Oxygen, you can help your complexion go back to looking clear and flawless in no time.


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