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Ease your muscle aches with one of these tips

by timetospa April 17, 2014
Ease your muscle aches with one of these tips

Have you been doing more than your fair share of yard work this season? Although warmer weather usually means the end of a brutish winter, you might begin noticing all of the little chores that have piled up under the snow. Whether you're raking leaves or mowing an unruly lawn, pushing and pulling on equipment is sometimes an unavoidable necessity, and it can leave your muscles aching long after the chore is finished.

Rather than toughing through the pain, why not help yourself heal? Any amount of stress done to your body can be washed away if you remember to do little things to detox. Try to fit at least one of the following ideas into your relaxation routine to feel better when you leave the yard work behind for the day.

Take a hot bath
The warmth of the water coupled with an array of helpful beauty products will not only help relieve your stress, but it will start to loosen up tension in your muscles. Try adding a splash of the Elemis Spa At Home Aching Muscle Super Soak to make your bath that much more enjoyable. 

When you're on the go
If you're worried you won't have enough time to indulge in a bath, try using the Elemis Spa At Home Instant Refreshing Gel to soothe your muscles instantly. Couple this with a nice, relaxing evening in for an extra dose of stress relief. 


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