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Survey indicates most popular beauty trend over time

by timetospa April 22, 2014
Survey indicates most popular beauty trend over time

Step aside smoky eye: The results are in, and according to a recent Internet survey, bright red lipstick was voted the No. 1 most iconic look of all time among women. 

Snow White, Marilyn Monroe and Jessica Rabbit rejoice
According to ITV News, more than 2,000 polled women voted red lips as the top beauty trend, beating out the smoky eye, fake tans and false eyelashes. While some people fear adopting this bold color, they should look to some of Hollywood's most well-known beauties for inspiration.

When sporting this shade, take a cue from Marilyn and make your lips the focus of your entire ensemble, but be sure not to go overboard when planning the rest of your outfit. As you make your pout the primary point, don't don too much red in your clothing.

Channeling the chic at home
Rocking this bold shade can reap rewards, but you should be sure to simplify your routine. Go light on the eyes as you dab a simple beige on your lids. A great way to even the color palette is by dabbing a very small amount of your lipstick shade on your finger, then blending it into your cheeks. To garnish the look, don't forget to add the Elemis Lip Revive to give your lips that extra shine that keeps them hydrated as well.


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