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Battling brittle nails

by timetospa April 25, 2014
Battling brittle nails

Brittle nails can be a massive pain in the neck. Not only do they seem to hinder the most basic of activities, but they leave your nails prone to further damage and breakage. There are a number of beauty products on the market for building your nails' durability, but following these simple steps may save you time and heartache in the long run:

Keep your cuticles hydrated
Daily News and Analysis India reported that one of the main reasons your nails may be prone to cracks and crinkles may be due to the fact that they are not receiving enough moisture. To fight against this, be sure to let your nails breathe every once and a while. Don't keep them coated with polish 24/7 - be sure to allow them time to recharge in between coats. Additionally, using a lotion or cream that will hydrate your hands, such as the Elemis Pro-Radiance Hand & Nail Cream, is the best way to restore health to the area and allow your nails to flourish.

Use nail-stregthening products
The majority of polishes on the market today feature some form of strengthening nutrients, but for those who suffer from chronic brittleness, try to make it a point to change up your nail routine now and then. Rather than reaching for the same colors over and over, go natural for a few days between coats just to make sure your cuticles are given a nice, long breath of fresh air.


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