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Tips for using white eyeliner

by timetospa April 28, 2014
Tips for using white eyeliner

White eyeliner may seem scary to some, but don't be intimidated by this bold addition. When applied correctly, this simple color can add a much-needed pop to your beauty routine. Gather your makeup products and get ready, because you're about to tackle your fear of white eyeliner.

Layer your liners
Instead of using white to act as your only liner, consider layering colors to create a dual look. Start by applying a generous layer of white to your eye, starting in the crook and ending about halfway up the lid. Then, use a black liquid liner to outline your eye, like you would when only applying one shade. 

Brighten the corners of your eyes
Instead of drastically altering the way you normally structure your eye routine, use the white liner to highlight the corners of your eyes. Apply your favorite shade of shadow, then use a white pencil to color the inner corners, but be sure not to extend your liner too far. Finish the look with your preferred eyeliner and Colorescience Pro Mascara - Black

Make your eyeshadow pop
For those who prefer their white liner to remain out of sight, consider using the pencil to coat your entire lid, then place an eyeshadow on top of the liner. Harper's Bazaar reported that this method is great for providing the perfect pop to your peepers.


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