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Curling without the iron

by timetospa April 29, 2014
Curling without the iron

Curls are the perfect natural addition to any outfit, no matter what plans Mother Nature has in store for the day. While some individuals are blessed with natural waves, others must work a combination of curling irons, beauty products and wishful thinking to craft the perfect curls. Curling irons can be effective, but for those who have super thick or straight hair, these alternatives may be key for creating your kinks:

Make waves with the straightener 
The hair straightener may not be first on your list of tools required for curling, but for some, this hair product is perfect for making waves. To begin, braid your tresses all the way around, making the strands equal in size to create a uniform feel. Next, straighten each of the braids several times with your iron and remove any hair ties holding your locks together. Finally, when your waves are exposed, be sure keep those curls in place with your Steiner Twist and Turn Curling Cream 125 ml

Foil, flat iron and frill
Instead of straightening your braids, Cosmopolitan magazine recommends wrapping your hair in aluminum foil, rolling the combination, then flattening the frill with a straightener. The source noted that foil helps keep your curls in place because the material is great at conducting heat. Don't forget to top this look off with styling spray so your curls don't lose their coil.


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