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Embrace your inner 'Mean Girls'

by timetospa April 30, 2014
Embrace your inner 'Mean Girls'

It's hard to believe, but the cult film "Mean Girls" was released 10 years ago. This timeless Tina Fey comedy has inspired a number of makeup, hair and fashion trends that have withstood the test of time. To honor "Mean Girls" and all its girl glory, use these tips to achieve a look that's totally fetch.

On Wednesdays, we wear pink
The Plastics may have been restricted to wearing pink on Wednesdays, but this classic color is the perfect complement to any outfit you choose, regardless of the day of the week. Don't be afraid to go bold this season by choosing a riskier hue for your lip, rocking a hot pink shade or following in Emma Watson's footsteps by sporting a nude shade.

Rockin' the Janis Ian
She may not have won the affection of the Plastics, but her loud eye makeup and eccentric hair choices helped shape the fashion choices of rebellious teens everywhere. To rock a similar look, emphasize your eyes with the iconic Ian style. Start with a dark shadow, like deep grey or black. Be very careful when applying, as you want to keep the shade to your lid and darker colors are easy to mess up. Get generous with the eyeliner, tracing both your top and bottom lids. Finally, grab your favorite mascara and give your lashes a few licks, topping it off with your Colorescience Professional Eyelash Curler.


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