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3 ways to sport striped nails

by timetospa May 6, 2014
3 ways to sport striped nails

Nail art is hot this season, and while we're not all perfect painters like those whose hands grace the screens of Pinterest, there are ways to sport complex nail art using simple methods. Stripes are an elegant - and easy - addition to any nail color. 

First, choose your base and stripe colors. While your background nail color can be something vibrant or colorful - such as hot pink or mint green - opt for a more neutral stripe color, like black or beige. That way, your nails won't seem too over-the-top, and you can more easily match your clothing items to your colors. For those going out for a fun night on the town, grab your CND Vinylux - Reds, pick the shades that best matches your mood and paint your base. 

1. The most simple stripe runs vertically down the nail. Once the base coat has dried and you've achieved the perfect shade, attach pieces of tape so that they cover the entire nail, save for the sliver you want striped. Paint your second shade, wait 30 seconds, then remove the adhesive. If you wait until the polish is completely dry to remove the tape, you may take some of you stripe off with it. 

2. Instead of painting vertical lines, opt for the horizontal. Use tape to create two small horizontal lines at the bottom of your nails, and you've got a chic, unconventional pattern.

3. Finally, for the more adventurous nail artist, consider crafting a design that uses both vertical and horizontal lines, but keep this look limited to one finger per hand, as it keeps your nails from looking too busy.


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