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How to get away with colorful eyeliner

by timetospa May 6, 2014
How to get away with colorful eyeliner

Sporting an unconventional eyeliner shade may seem like a big risk, but when done right, this addition can perfectly complement your eyes, bone structure and even the rest of your makeup products. Next time you see that shocking shade in the store, go for it - and follow these tips when sporting that style on the street.

Match the color to your features
While that bright blue may look fun, it could be a poor choice if your peepers already pop with this shade. It's important to choose a bold color that won't detract from your eye, and the best way to do this may be by picking a complementary shade. For example, blue eyes are best accentuated by a deep orange or copper, while green eyes are suited by a nice purple. 

Choose an equally bold lip shade 
Makeup artist Lauren Cosenza recommended to Cosmopolitan magazine that bold eyeliners should be paired with equally vibrant lip colors. Similar to eyeliner and eye color, shades should be complementary, meaning they should fall opposite one another from the color wheel. If you're sporting an aqua liner, go for a deep pink lip to make the look pop. 

Don't forget
Be sure not to go overboard with the rest of your products. A bright liner means your look is best without a colorful shadow or too much blush. Similarly, don't forget to use your Elemis White Flowers Eye and Lip Make-Up Remover, as you may not want that shade sticking around for the next several days.


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