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Add shimmer to your nails this summer

by timetospa May 13, 2014
Add shimmer to your nails this summer

The sun is out and ready to be admired - why not show your love for the sunlight with your nails? Add some shimmer to your style with these nail designs ideal for relaxing in the rays.

Pour the glitz on one nail
Dress up your nails by using a glitter-based polish on just one nail - the ring finger is an ideal choice, but the middle or index would have a similar effect. Painting only one with this ornate shade is a great way to add sophistication to your look without going overboard.

Glam all but one
For the more adventurous, consider sporting the shimmery shade on all but one nail per hand. By balancing your nails with one colored nail and four glittery ones, your look goes from brave to bold. Be sure to choose a shade that will match those found in the glitter, however, as you don't want the look to be too crazy with colors.

Can't decide which way to wear your shimmer? Opt for a half-and-half, combining both plain and shiny shades. Grab your favorite solid - such as the CND Nail Colour - Pinks - and paint all of your nails. Once they have dried, cover the nail with tape until your desired glittery design space is exposed, then use the shade to fill in the blanks. Allow the glitter to dry, then peel the tape off.


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