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Use sponges to create spectacular nail designs

by timetospa May 14, 2014
Use sponges to create spectacular nail designs

Armed with little more than a set of beauty sponges, a dab of petroleum jelly and your CND Nail Colour - Pinks, you can create elaborate nails perfect for showing off while lounging at the pool this summer. The following tricks are ideal for those looking to add more than one shade or color to their nails, but without having to deal with the hassle of complex techniques or dishing out dollars at the salon.

Before starting, be sure to coat your cuticles and areas surrounding the nail with petroleum jelly using a cotton swab. This will prevent polish from sticking to your skin.

Pile on the colors
If you're looking for a layout that will support three to five shades, begin by painting your desired stripes on a small sponge. Be sure to act quick to stop the shade from drying out before application. Once all your desired hues are on the sponge, dab your nail with the wet end. If color appears on your skin, wait until it's dry to remove it with a dab of polish remover.

Add a light garnish
Instead of using a wealth of colors, pick two for this crafty choice. Paint your main shade - preferably a darker one - then dab a small amount of a lighter one on your sponge. Lightly press the sponge to your nails, which should create a fun, texturized look.


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