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3 beauty rules to ignore

by timetospa May 15, 2014
3 beauty rules to ignore

Although there may not exist one set of standards designating which beauty rules are best, many women stick to the traditional tales when purchasing their makeup products. Some of these unsaid standards include not mixing black and brown, avoid matching eyeshadow to eye color and sticking to lighter lip shades for the summer.

Rules, however, are meant to be broken. 

1. Redheads can't rock red lips
This statement could not be further from the truth. Many of Hollywood's leading redheads have not only sported this shade, but rocked the red carpet while doing so. Amy Adams, for example, has a history of sporting a light crimson when attending movie premieres, even though her hair may be a similar hue. 

2. Colorful eyeshadows should be avoided
Unexpected hues are in, so don't be afraid to bust out a bright blue, hot pink or even daring red this season. As with most other beauty choices, you should be sure to balance your color palette when adopting a more colorful option, but beauty experts agree that the time to avoid these shades outright has come and gone.

3. Don't mix silver and gold
Silver and gold can make statements on their own, so some people believe combining the two may be a recipe for disaster. However, to rock these shades in style, consider placing one on the lid as the primary color, then using the other in the corner of your eye to add a fun pop. Don't forget to use your Colorescience Pro Mascara - Black to finish the look.


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