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Which fringe best frames your face?

by timetospa May 16, 2014
Which fringe best frames your face?

There are few hair care decisions more bold than cutting your bangs. Some women swear by them while other abhor them, but similar to other styles, choosing the right cut can make or break your new coif. 

Beauty experts agree that when you decide to take the plunge and break out the bangs, there are certain styles that may be best-suited to enhance your natural assets. While the length of your hair may affect how your new bangs look, the natural shape of your face may be more influential on your decision.

Straight bangs
Zooey Deschanel is the poster child for straight bangs. While we all wish we could rock them as beautifully as the "New Girl" star, InStyle magazine reported that this cut is best for those with square faces, as the bangs supplement the shape's symmetry. On those days when your bangs just won't behave, break out the Steiner Dire Straights Flat Iron Straightening Lotion 150 ml, which will keep your bangs from flying away and getting out of place.

Side sweep
Straight bangs are not for everyone, however. Women with oval or heart shaped faces benefit more from side bangs, according to Birchbox Magazine. Keeping your strands to the side can help frame a more rounded face without making the shape seem uneven.


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