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Styling your summer concert hair

by timetospa May 30, 2014
Styling your summer concert hair

Summer brings a wealth of exciting events, from the bustling beach parties held along the nation's coasts to the fantastic festivals happening all around the U.S. Opting to attend a musical concert can be one of the greatest decisions you'll make all summer, but with the stunning singers and large crowds comes one question that will loom over your head until the event: What will I do with my hair?

Outdoor festival
If you're attending an outdoor festival, such as Bonnaroo or Lollapalooza, you'll be dealing with heat, humidity, and - let's face it - limited access to hygienic facilities. For this kind of concert, locking your layers in a well-styled braid is your best bed. Consider sporting the traditional French braid, a classic style that will stay in place throughout the duration of your concert. Be sure to bring along a sleek headband - which will keep sweat and hair from draping your face.

Indoor rave
Those who will be enjoying their favorite singers from an indoor facility should opt for a half-and-half style, a look that will keep your hair from getting in your way as you bounce with the beat, but allows your dreads to look dressy at the same time. Top the look off with your Steiner Discipline Styling Taffy 67.4g, which is the perfect choice when you want to ensure your strands stay in line.


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