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Should you add unexpected accessories to your hair?

by timetospa June 20, 2014
Should you add unexpected accessories to your hair?

Adding trinkets to your tresses is a great way to class up an otherwise dull 'do. While some girls stick to flowers and pins, others opt for more unexpected ornaments - such as birds nests and spikes. 

So how far is too far when it comes to hair accessories? Consider the following when selecting your style. 

Kelly Osbourne shocks with safety pins
At the Cadillac and Refinery29 launch party, Kelly Osbourne garnered a great deal of attention because of her hair - which was a purple mohawk braided and adorned with a series of safety pins. Some bloggers called her inspirational while others called it sloppy, but Osbourne sure spun heads when she emerged. We may not be able to stick these pins in our hair without causing pain or damage, but there are other accessories that can liven up a look.

Elegant headbands all the rage
Taylor Swift has not been shy when sporting headbands this summer. The 24-year-old songstress always impresses with her collection - consider copying this look, which she rocked while shopping around. 

Start by brushing your bangs to the side, keeping them in place with the Steiner Jelly Whip Styling Gel 150ml. From there, place a headband that has a large ornament on its side gently on top of your tresses, keeping the hair from your face. Add a bit of curl to make the look pop. 


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