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Learning a beauty lesson from Steven Tyler

by timetospa June 24, 2014
Learning a beauty lesson from Steven Tyler

It's men's fashion week in Milan, and while most people's eyes are glued to the newest styles on the runway, others are drawn to the flashy fashions of Steven Tyler. The 66-year-old Aerosmith frontman was seen around the city wearing a slew of shiny - and chic - outfits.

While the singer continues to cement himself as one of the most influential men in the music world, his unconventional beauty styles have us running to the salons to copy his methods. 

Looking to learn from Steven Tyler? Consider the following lessons from his most recent styles:

Hair color everywhere
At fashion week, Tyler sported not two, but four separate hues in his hair. His signature brown tresses were adorned with a set of white strands in the front and a hint of red dye in the back right while blue dye sat in the back left. Though some people may fear loading their locks with so many different colors, Tyler pulls the look off with ease. Additionally, the tri-colored 'do nicely matched the various outfits he rocked at the event, from an all-black leather jacket and bell-bottoms combo to a white floor-length tunic and hoodie. 

If you're sporting similar shades in your hair, it's important to invest in a shampoo that will restore moisture and prevent further damage, such as the Steiner Rehab Hair Therapy for Damaged Hair.

Don't forget the products
Tyler's hair may seem effortless, but his daughter, Liv, revealed that his home is chock full of hair products that help the singer manage his signature tresses. Liv spoke to Glamour magazine about her father's grooming habits - and how much she's learned from him.

"In the '90s, when I was a kid, my dad was always telling me I needed a little body in my hair," Liv told Glamour. " ... Today when I go and stay with him, I always have to raid his cupboards because he's got all the best creams. He's, like, a major moisturizer."

Whether you're searching for items to keep your locks in place or return moisture after spending time in the sun, there are many different products ideal for these functions. If you're looking to follow Liv's footsteps by adding volume, consider the Steiner Abundance Volumizing Spray for Fine Hair 150ml, the perfect option for creating long-lasting results.

If you need a gel that will keep your hair from flying in your face, look to the Steiner Discipline Styling Taffy 67.4g, which will keep stray strands in their place.


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