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2 braids to add to your ponytail

by timetospa June 25, 2014
2 braids to add to your ponytail

Summer is the best time to start trying out all those elaborate 'dos you found on Pinterest. Whether you prefer buns, braids or bands, there are a variety of styles to choose from, especially if you have longer locks. 

Throwing your hair in a ponytail is ideal for those times when you're engaging in a serious sweat session or when you need a stylish option for a shopping day with the girls. Next time you throw your hair in a ponytail, think about adding these ornaments to your hair.

1. The multistrand
Before you pull your hair into a pony, pick four small strands on either side of your head and tie them with small plastic bands. When you tie your hair in a 'tail, the braids should add a bit of fun to the look. Keep the brands from falling apart with the Steiner Jelly Whip Styling Gel - 150ml, which will hold them in place throughout the day. 

2. The fishtail
This style may look complex, but the process isn't that different from traditional braiding. Start by pulling your hair up and dividing it in half. Grab one small strand from the left and move it to the right. Then, grab a strand from the right and move it to the left. Continue until you've reached the end of your tail. 


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