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4 ways to rock your nails for the Fourth of July

by timetospa June 29, 2014
4 ways to rock your nails for the Fourth of July

Independence Day is approaching, so it's time to break out your red and blue attire. Between fireworks and barbeque, you'll need a set of sturdy and stylish nails to get you through the day. When you're sifting through your polish, think about how you can show off your country pride through these shades.

Whether you prefer the French tip or ombre look, there are several styles to choose from. Consider the following ways you can rock red, white and blue this Fourth of July.

A glimpse of blue
For this style, paint all nails but your middle with a coat of red polish. Once the coat has dried, use tape or a small nail brush to paint horizontal white stripes on the nails. Using a navy blue lacquer, paint your middle finger. If you're looking to get extra festive, use the brush to create small white dots on the blue nail. Be sure to coat your nails with the CND Vinylux Top Coat, which will keep your color from chipping during the festivities. 

Spongey stripes
You'll need light shades of red, white and blue for this one. Using a beauty sponge, paint horizontal stripes of each color on the tip. Be sure to paint on enough polish to get your nails well covered, because once the coat is on, you can't repeat the process without changing the nails' appearance. Press the sponge against your nail when you're ready and allow the paint to dry. This will give your fingers a fun texturized look.

Alternating hues
If you don't have the time or resources for a fancier nail pattern, opt for simply alternating hues on your nails. Get out your favorite shade from the CND Vinylux - Reds collection and paint your pinky and pointer fingers. Paint your ring finger and thumb white and adorn your middle finger with a fun shade of blue. Don't feel limited by navy - explore other shades that will give your nails a festive feel.

3-D additions
Looking for a more texturized pattern? Consider adding ornaments to your nails. If you really like sparkles, think about using a polish with glitz already built in or lightly dipping freshly painted nails in a pile of festively colored glitter. Alternatively, paint your nails red, save for one nail of your choosing. Coat this one in a blue shade, and use small beads or gems to resemble stars on the flag.


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