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What beauty products to store in the fridge

by timetospa July 31, 2014
What beauty products to store in the fridge

There are some products that should actually be stored in your refrigerator as opposed to on a bedroom dresser or bathroom counter. In order to maximize their beauty power, these products should be cool before you apply them, according to Cosmo.

Eye creams or gels will work better at de-puffing under eye circles if they start chilled. Cold things restrict blood vessels, which reduces swelling. If you want to make sure your eye cream is adequately suppressing your dark circles, keep it stored in the fridge until you need to use it. Storing a product like the Elemis Absolute Eye Serum in the fridge will maximize its puffiness-reducing power. 

Storing anti-itch creams and sunscreens in the fridge also help these products work better for you. Your skin will feel the cold sensations over the itching ones, so it will do double duty to make you scratch less. Keeping sunscreens in the fridge once the summer is over will help keep them for next year. If they are kept in a warm environment, they won't protect your skin quite as well next time you go to slather on. 

It is best to store anti-acne products refrigerated, especially if they were prescribed by a dermatologist. Certain products are not nearly as effective if they are stored in the wrong environment. It's a good idea to check the label to see if it will work in room temperature or if it needs to be in a cooler environment.

Lastly, aloe vera and natural beauty products that don't preservatives to help them last longer should be stored in the fridge. The cool temperature will help soothe your burn that much quicker. Natural products will need to be stored in the fridge to make sure that they last as long as possible. 

If you want your favorite nail polish to stay the same hue, keep it in the fridge. Sunlight and warm air can change the consistency of the polish - making it thick and gloopy - and also sometimes change the color. You wouldn't want vibrant shades like the CND Vinylux Reds fading anytime soon. 

Perfumes will also sometimes change if they are left in a sunny climate. Light and heat can break down the chemicals through the bottle and actually alter the fragrance itself. You wouldn't want your favorite scent to mysteriously turn into something completely different.

To make your lipstick also last longer, store it in the fridge. Though lipsticks don't need to be cool to be effective, it is true that chiller temperatures will help keep the makeup last longer over time. If one of your favorite shades is being discontinued, stock up and save the hues in your fridge until you run out.

One thing about makeup that a lot of people forget is that usually products have an expiration date. In order to keep your mascara, liquid foundation, liquid eyeliner and other liquid makeup for as long as possible, store it in the fridge.

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