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7 tips to sweatproof your makeup

by timetospa August 4, 2014
7 tips to sweatproof your makeup

When the temperatures rise and humidity swells, there's no stopping the sweat that threatens your perfectly applied makeup. While you can't control the weather or your tendency for sheen, there are a few ways to keep your face in place all summer long.

  1. The more makeup you apply, the more makeup you have to sweat off. Because of this, try to keep your regimen light in the summer by using a tinted moisturizer instead of foundation.
  2. Go for waterproof mascara and liquid liner.
  3. Women's Health Magazine recommended staying faithful to a primer before you apply foundation and eye shadow. The product should keep your cosmetics in place regardless of how vigorously you sweat.
  4. Using a bright color for your eye shadow or eyeliner can draw enough attention to your eyes that you don't even need to tempt fate with melty mascara, according to Cosmopolitan. Consider nixing this product from your routine if you're sporting a brighter hue on your lids.
  5. Glamour Magazine suggested keeping powder, such as Colorescience Pressed Mineral Foundation, in your purse for sweaty spot treatments. That way, you won't have to redo your whole face for a bit of brow sweat.
  6. Rock a matte lip color during those hot summer nights if you don't want to add any more sheen to your face with glossy lip colors.
  7. Cream blush can outlast the powdered products when the sweat glands get going, according to Cosmopolitan. Be sure to stock up on these products when adding some color to your cheeks.


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