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3 ways to style a sleek ponytail

by timetospa August 19, 2014
3 ways to style a sleek ponytail

It's likely you've been throwing your hair up in a ponytail since you were a little girl. It's one of the first hairstyles that most girls learn, and it tends to stick around through adulthood.

Whether you have short hair and often rock a teeny-tiny pony or flowing waves that come together in a thick mane, there's a ponytail style out there for everyone. From side ponytails  à la the 1980s to high ponytails that swing from side-to-side as you walk, the options are endless. 

For ladies with naturally straight hair or those who flatiron their locks, there are a few different methods to create a perfectly smooth pony. 

Down low
To get a slick low ponytail, divide your hair into three sections. According to Marie Claire, you should make a deep side part with the front two sections and secure the bottom third in a polished ponytail at the base of your head. Grab one of the front sections and smooth it back toward the hair elastic. Make sure it's slicked back, then wrap the hair tightly around the ponytail and lock it in with a bobby pin. Repeat that step with the other side of you hair. Complete the style with Phytolaque Soie XL Finishing Spray for flawless hold.

Up high
Allure recommended giving your hair a once-over with a flatiron to be sure the ends are completely straight before you assemble this sleek high pony. Don't forget to use a product like Steiner Dire Straights Flat Iron Straightening Lotion first to protect your hair from heat damage. Apply styling cream from your roots to the mid-length of your hair and brush it back into a smooth ponytail that rests on the crown of your head.

Stacked style
If you have long hair and want a new kind of ponytail to rock, try this tri-pony perfection. To start, you need to separate your hair into three horizontal sections. Allure suggested taking the hair from the top of your head to the tops of your ears for the first section and the hair between the tops and centers of your ears as the second section, leaving the rest for part three. Secure the bottom sections with two different elastics. Rub a dab of Steiner Jelly Whip Styling Gel into the top section and brush it until it's smooth. Using a hair elastic, tie the top as tight as possible. Repeat the process with the second level but add the end of your top tail when you tie the elastic. Then, do it all over again with the last section, finally bringing all three ponytails together. 


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