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Get the first lady makeover

by timetospa January 21, 2013
Get the first lady makeover

January 21 may signify President Barack Obama being sworn into office for a second term, but many people are tuning into the inauguration ceremony simply to see what beauty products and ensembles first lady Michelle Obama will be wearing. The POTUS may run the show, but Michelle certainly takes the cake in terms of fashion and style. Most recently, the fabulous first lady has made a few updates to her beauty and hair routine, and ladies everywhere may want to learn the secrets of her beauty success.

Bring on the bangs
One of the more dramatic updates Michelle has displayed in the recent weeks is a set of big, bold and beautiful bangs. The stylish first lady made headlines for the change and you might want to go after a similar "wow" factor.

Bangs are certainly not for everyone, but that doesn't mean you can't revamp your locks in another way. If you're fearful of trying bangs, you could perhaps opt to lighten or darken up your looks - always consult with your stylist before making changes, as he or she will be able to help you find a right hue or style.

You could also go for a more subtle update by simply switching up your hair products to ones that boast health benefits. Purchasing a product like Steiner Rehab Hair Therapy for Damaged Hair might be a good start as the cream works to nourish and strengthen your locks, while repairing damage caused by heat styling.

Keep wrinkles at bay
It's no easy task being in the public eye, since reporters and gossip sites are always trying to catch celebrities looking their worst. Luckily, Michelle Obama has figured out the key to looking great is using the right anti aging skin care products. Using certain creams and moisturizers can go a long way in protecting your skin from the signs of aging, while working to keep you looking as young as you feel.

You can enhance your own complexion by investing in anti-aging product likeLa Thérapie Crème Nourrissante Pour Les Yeux Nourishing Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream. This lightly textured cream helps soften wrinkles and crow's feet around the eyes, while nourishing the skin and offering antioxidant protection. Making sure your skin stays baby soft is also a must in the fight against wrinkles. Washing your face with a product like Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial Wash is a great way to look your best. The wash simulates the skin's natural cell renewal cycle, helping to smooth and refine your complexion.


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