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Feel the burn: See results

by timetospa February 25, 2013
Feel the burn: See results

When it comes to trouble areas on the body, most women consider the stomach one of the worst. Not only must ladies deal with love handles and bulging waistlines, some might be trying everything to get six-pack abs with little to no success. Luckily, Shape magazine recently listed some of the top exercises for busting stomach fat, and these tips might just help you feel and look fab in time for summer.

Plank for life
Planking has emerged as a new trend as of late - even becoming an internet sensation several months ago. Despite its comical beginning, the exercise is actually a great way to tighten your core.

Suzanne Bowen, a fitness expert and creator of BarreAmped, told Shape planking improves spine health and your lower back muscles as well as your abs.

"I especially love this exercise because it flexes the spine and then extends the spine," Bowen told the news outlet. "This back and forth works the abs at a very intense level and also helps to create balance between the back and front."

Snail trail
Another helpful technique for boosting ab power is an exercise called abs snails, which was created by trainer Nick Tumminello. For this method, start by sitting straight up with your legs out and your arms straight down with your hands toward your back. Next push yourself up by leaning backwards and extending your legs, putting weight on your arms and heels. From here, slowly go back to the sitting pose.

Tumminello believes in this technique because it not only boost your core and abs, but also benefits many other muscles in your body, including your shoulders, glutes and back.

Circular Arm Crunch
If you're a bit nervous to try the snail pose, then the arm crunch method might be for you. For this exercise, created by fitness guru Jonathan Ross, start by getting a yoga ball and sitting on it. Next, lie down on the ball so your hips and back are on the surface area with your head and shoulders off of the ball. Keep your feet planted on the ground and the begin to raise your head and shoulders into your rib cage toward the ball. For best results, always reach your arms up to the ceiling, rather than holding them directly out.

Tools for success
No matter how hard you workout and target your stomach, losing the last layer of loose skin can be a challenge, which is where certain Bliss products come into play. Using a product like Bliss FatGirlSixPack to tighten the skin on your stomach is a real option. The gel contains six active ingredients to help tone and firm your skin.

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