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Thick or thin? Learn how to style your locks with the right products

by timetospa March 25, 2013
Thick or thin? Learn how to style your locks with the right products

The old adage, you always want what you can't have, is certainly true when it comes to hair. Women blessed with beautiful and bouncy curls are typically envious of ladies with stick-straight, smooth hair and vice-versa. Even though it might be close to impossible to have the best of both worlds, figuring how to style the hair you have might make you appreciate your locks even more. The experts at Women's Health magazine recently dished on the best ways to love your hair - through thick or thin. Here are the tips and hair products that you might need to invest in:

Thin hair
In most instances, women either have thin or thick hair, even if the texture itself varies. If your hair is easy to blow dry but still seems to fall flat, you're not alone. A hairstylist told the magazine thin hair tends to dry fast, but also seems to experience more grease than ladies with fuller locks. Because of this, women with thin hair need to shampoo on a daily basis to avoid oil slicks. 

The downside: shampoo and treating your hair with hot styling tools can wreak havoc on your healthy locks, making it important that you take steps to repair damage before it's too late. The professional hairstylist reports it's best for ladies like this to invest in a silicone-free shampoo like Elemis Aromazing Shampoo 300 ml to improve the appearance of grease. Pairing it with a volumizing conditioner is also key, as is using a heat protection cream to repair damage from styling tools. The Steiner Rehab Hair Therapy for Damaged Hair product could be best since this cream works to nourish, strengthen and protect your locks from future styling.

Thick as thieves
Being blessed with thick locks can ensure your style never falls flat. On the same note, you might also suffer from coarse or curly hair that is hard to tame. Not only is this texture more prone to frizz and dryness, it can also be more difficult to style - think blow drying in the middle of summer. 

Even though it might be tough to smoothen out your hair in the humid weather, there are ways to help calm it to a more manageable state. The experts at the publication report investing in sleek and smoothing shampoo like Phytolisse Perfect Smoothing Shampoo can go a long way in the fight against flyaways. Finish off each morning with a drop of styling serum to help smooth out your locks even more. 


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