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Fake your way to a thinner face

by timetospa April 22, 2013
Fake your way to a thinner face

It's unfortunate but true that when most people gain weight, it shows on their face. Not only does this mean you might look a little fuller in photos, it could also make you feel more self-conscious. If you've been working out to get back in shape, but still feel a bit heavier in the face than normal, there are certain tricks to make your face look thin.

According to the experts at Woman's Day magazine, a great way to draw attention away from your face is to rock sassy dangling earrings. Feel free to jazz up your look wearing blinged-out crystal drop earrings, or add a classic look opting for a single drop pearl earring or even a cluster of silver or gold strands to gain a similar result.

On the same note, the style gurus recommend avoiding hoops that hang below your ears as this can actually focus the eyes on trouble areas, such as the chin. 

New hairstyle
The ombre hairstyle continues to be all the rage in 2013. If you think this look is too young for you, think again. The transcending hair tones can actually help offer your complexion a bit of a glow, working to shed pounds in an instant. 

A professional hairstyle reports going darker rather than lighter is the best option since dark colors "recede and make your face seem slimmer," the experts told the news source. Trying this style will put you in good company since many leading ladies are loving the look. 

Glamour magazine reports Jessica Alba, Lea Michele, Kate Beckinsale and Drew Barrymore are just a few celebs who have tried the ombre hairstyle. 

Using rich and moisturizing hair products like Steiner Thirst Quencher Moisturizing Shampoo 300ml each day will to prevent split ends and other damage that can occur due to dying your locks. 

Conquer contouring
Beauty products can certainly be a girl's best friend and even more so if you're trying to hide some extra weight. According to Woman's Day, using a pressed matte powder that's a shade darker than your natural hue is the product of choice for creating a thinner jaw line. 

"Lightly shade the jawbone, sides of the nose and temples with only a hint of product. It should be barely noticeable," a makeup expert shared with the news source. 

Purchasing a makeup palette like Colorescience Corrector Palette - Light to Medium might be the best bet since you're able to try out a few different shades. 


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