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Get the abs of your dreams without crunches

by timetospa May 7, 2013
Get the abs of your dreams without crunches

If lying on the floor doing crunches brings you way back to your awkward middle school days, then you probably don't enjoy doing them on the regular. If you're looking for ways to get fab abs without doing the bicycle or other funky bunch crunches, today is your lucky day. Glamour magazine recently got the dirt on fun ways to get great abs from the man who made Kate Upton a household name, trainer David Kirsch. Here are a few moves that are sure to boost results:

Planking like Spiderman
The first exercise to try is the Spiderman plank, Kirsch repots. For this wild move, start in a push-up position with your hands directly below your shoulders. Next, pull your right knee out to one side, leaning toward your right elbow, hold the position for a few seconds and the return to the start position. Repeat on the opposite side, performing 15 reps per side for best results. 

Scissor style
After you've gotten your Spiderman on, it's time to move on to pretending you're a pair of scissors. Kirsch recommends sitting on the floor and then using your forearms to prop yourself up. From this position, pull your belly button in back toward your spine and then extend your legs up and out at a 45-degree angle. When you feel comfortable and balanced, start to crisscross your legs going right over left, then left over right, lowering the legs toward the floor after each complete rep. Keep the momentum going for 30 seconds each time. 

Be the man of steel
The next stomach-toning exercise consists of you taking on the role of another superhero, Superman. Start this pose by lying face-down with your legs fully extended and your hands resting behind your head. Next, pull your belly button in and slowly begin to lift your chest and legs off the floor, hold the position for five seconds before lowering back down into the start pose. Repeat this 10 times, holding out on the last rep for as long as possible for a complete stretch. 

Body-toning products
The experts at Fitness magazine also recommend doing an abdominal hold, which is when you sit straight up on the edge of a chair and then tighten your abs and lift your body off the chair for between five and 10 seconds. The workout helps you develop a strong core, while also boosting arm muscles. 

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