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New twists on the everyday top-knot

by timetospa October 10, 2013
New twists on the everyday top-knot

Running late to work without having time to shower? No problem - just throw your hair into a top-knot.

Top-knots are one of the easiest solutions to almost every hair emergency. Whether your hair is clean or dirty, thick or thin, the hairstyle is sure to look fresh and refined. Secure a top-notch top-knot with these hair care tips:

Quick and simple
Switch out your casual, everyday ponytail for an effortless top-knot that instantly updates any look. First, brush back all your hair into a ponytail that sits right on top of your scalp - if the ponytail is too far back on your head, the top-knot will end up loose and lopsided. Once the ponytail is secured, make sure the hair on the back of your head is smoothed out, while your front hair should be slicked back with a firm gel, such as the Steiner Jelly Whip Styling Gel. Next, divide your ponytail into two sections and begin intertwining them around the base of the ponytail. Once you've wrapped all your hair around, tuck loose ends away, secure the bun with some bobby pins and you'll be ready to run out the door. 

Braided bun
Making your top-knot out of braids is whimsical without losing its stylish edge. To achieve this look, separate your high ponytail into two sections. Braid the two sections into thick, three-strand plaits that are secure without being too tight - the tighter the braid, the smaller the shape. If you have ultra fine hair, braid your hair all together. Once you have the hair braided, fasten it with a clear elastic.

Next, hold the braids side by side as you keep one hand at the base of the ponytail. Using your hand as a guide, carefully wrap the stacked braids around the base until you're at the end of the braids. Fasten the top-knot together with a few safety pins, tucking the ends of the braids out of sight.

The head wrap
Pinning a colorful printed scarf to your top-knot is a fun way to add some personality to your hairstyle. Skinny head scarves look great with slightly larger top-knots, striking a balance between polished and unruly. Spray your roots with a texturizing product before gathering your locks into a messy ponytail that does not go all the way through but leaves several inches of hair loose. Wrap these strands around to form a bun. Once it's secure, wrap the scarf around the back of your head, tying it in the front right at the edge of your hairline. Try a scarf with a built-in wire for a stronger hold. 


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