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Prepare for Thanksgiving dinner with these makeup tips

by timetospa November 21, 2013
Prepare for Thanksgiving dinner with these makeup tips

Who says the only thing that needs to look good at the Thanksgiving dinner table is the turkey? Thanksgiving might not be as merry as Christmas or wild as New Years Eve, but this fall celebration is the perfect time to freshen up your makeup palette with the hottest hues of the season. From sweet cranberries to rich golden browns, these beauty trends are sure to make you the talk of the holiday:

Berry reds
It wouldn't be a complete Thanksgiving dinner without the cranberries, but why leave this delectable red hue just on the dining room table? If you want to switch things up this year, try swiping cranberry-red eyeshadow on your eyelids for a unique yet surprisingly subtle look. Apply the berry-inspired powder all over your lid and along your lower lashline. Then, dab some shimmery taupe eyeshadow on the inside corners of your eyes to really make them pop, and add some depth by blending a chocolate brown shadow in the crease, extending it slightly past the outside corners of your eyes for a winged effect. Finish the look with a layer or two of mascara, but don't overdo it - you want the cranberries to be the talk of the dinner.

Retro eyeliner
If you're attending a more formal Thanksgiving dinner this year, then opt for a thick cat-eye and sophisticated rose lip for a decidedly retro-glam vibe. Use a creamy, easy-to-glide eyeliner pencil and draw a thick line along your upper eyelids past the outside corners of your eyes so it creates a wing. Next, draw a line from the wing back to the inside corner of your eye - this should give you a triangle on your upper lid. Color in the triangle with your pencil, then trace over the line and the wing with a waterproof liquid liner. To add some more festive drama to this effortlessly sultry style, dab some California Sun Glow on your fingertips or a fine eyeshadow brush and swipe it over your browbones. Top this look off with a demure rose-hued lip stain and a hint of pink on the apples of your cheeks.

Warm it up
Since fall is the season of golden hues, take a tip from the cornucopia centerpiece and keep your makeup palette warm. Champagne golds, copper browns and smooth emerald greens are perfect for creating dramatic eyes, while a deep burgundy red lip - the hottest color of the season - instantly takes your pout from Labor Day to Thanksgiving. 


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