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Fight oily skin with these tips

by timetospa November 26, 2013
Fight oily skin with these tips

While it's fun to add some shine to your face with a shimmering highlighter powder, you don't want to catch people's attention with the shine created by the excess oils of your skin. Taking care of oily skin might be a pain, but it's also important for maintaining a complexion that's bright, radiant and blemish-free. With the help of these skincare solutions, you can tame your skin's greasy sheen:

Find the right cleanser
There are so many types of facewash out there on the market that sometimes, it might be too overwhelming to find the perfect one for your skin. However, all you need to do is remember that the best cleansers for oily skin include 2 percent salicylic acid, which not only targets unwanted blemishes but also the oils that build up in the pores. Products like the La Thérapie Glycolic Clarité Renew Peaux Neuves - Glycolic Clarifying cleanser are designed solely for combination or oily-prone skin, as they remove the grease from the pores without drying them out.

Wash more than once
When you're prone to oily skin, you need to rinse your face more than the typically recommended once a day, especially if you have an excessive amount of shine or sweat. Dermatologists told Marie Claire magazine that ladies with oily skin should cleanse their face in the morning and before bed, as well as immediately after every workout. Blotting your face throughout the day with a skin wipe or a folded paper towel also freshens your face by wiping away excess oils that not only lead to shine, but also breakouts and blackheads.

Block the sun
Sunscreen might seem greasy, but layering on the sunblock each day can help tame the shine of your skin. Use a waterproof sunscreen that's mineral-based, such as the Elemis Liquid Layer SPF 30 Sunblock, which includes Titanium Dioxide that will absorb your skin's natural oils. It's also important to pair an anti-sun lotion when using a glycolic cleanser. As a bonus, slathering on the sunblock every day will slow the creation of wrinkles and fine lines, limiting their appearance over time.

Change your diet
While there's a myth that says spicy foods is the way to clearer skin, it's just that - a myth. Try to cut back on your spice intake and instead load up on foods that have a ton of vitamin A, such as cantaloupe, carrots and spinach. These foods can keep your skin clear by limiting the production of oils.

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