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Getting your guy started with skin care

by timetospa December 11, 2013
Getting your guy started with skin care

In years past, men have been expected to be rough and rugged, allergic to beauty products and summarily targeted by campaigns that seek to keep them on the outskirts of skin care, no matter the cost. Despite this conditioning, a new revolution is causing members of generation Y to reconsider how they approach the world of men's skin care. The results, so far, have been pretty dramatic. 

A positive shift in the skin care paradigm
MarketWatch reported that more men are experimenting with grooming products than ever before. Instead of taking a five minute shower before throwing on the day's outfit, guys have begun implementing new procedures to their morning routines that women have been doing for generations. 

The simple act of washing your face, for instance, is becoming an essential aspect of the grooming habits of at least 54% of men, according to the source. Not only are guys spending more time making sure their skin care routines include blemish-fighting ingredients, men are also beginning to incorporate hydration into their daily routines. 

Acclimate him slowly
What this ultimately boils down to is that your holiday shopping list will be even easier. With the full weight of American culture bearing down on the guys in your life with positive reinforcement about improving their lackluster grooming habits, the wide world of skin care is open to you for gift ideas. Don't freak him out, though. Offer up new products slowly at first, and if you own any items that you're thinking about getting for him, let the guy in your life try them out. Men will often be more receptive to skin care if they can test it first, before it's thrust upon them in a gift bag on Christmas morning. 

How do I get him started?
Start with a scrub. There's nothing manlier in skin care than a product that scrapes away dead skin, and therefore, a physical exfoliant is probably the first thing the reluctant guys in your life will be willing to test out. The Elemis Energising Skin Scrub, for instance, is a nice addition to every guy's morning routine because it's quick, easy and doesn't feel like skin care. From there, move onto a hydrating cream or an all-in-one moisturizer. 

It's only a matter of time before he grows accustomed to seeing a positive change in the appearance of his skin, and before you know it, he'll be asking for eye creams and body butters. 


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